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MATECH Federal Systems is selected by NAVY for developing aircrew support system

New York. We are proud to announce that the U.S. NAVY selected MATECH to develop and manufacture a critical component of its aircrew support system. MATECH has a long history of collaboration with the NAVY; starting with its role as developer of the next generation x-ray mask substrate in the early 90's for the National X-Ray Lithography Program, and more recently with the development of aircrew support systems. MATECH has also collaborated with the BMDO, NASA, DARPA, the U.S. ARMY, the U.S. Airforce, the NSA, and other Government entities.

MATECH introduces the Aeris Precision Chemical Delivery and Metering System

New York. The new Aeris Precision chemical delivery and metering system embodies the experience and development of over 20 years of experience in chemical delivery and metering. The Aeris system has no moving parts and handles from 55 gal drums to pint size bottles. It can deliver a minimum volume of 2 ml with a minimum spike volume of 12 ml. Outstanding by any measure, but even more impressive since these specs are independent of the system size and flow rates. The Aeris systems are the ideal solution to virtually all chemical delivery and precision metering application; from semiconductor fabs, to pharmaceutical, to plating, and medical, among many other industries.

Top tier foundry in Asia adds new WaveEtch 212me2 tooling to their fab

Malaysia. Top tier foundry added a new WaveEtch 212 me2 system to their existing WaveEtch tool set to further enhance their capabilities and increase their throughput. The new 212 me2 joins other members of the WaveEtch family of single sided wet etching tools, which have become an important part of this foundry's tool set. The WaveEtch systems provide unique capabilities and a clear competitive advantage.

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