Ultra-high Purity

Ultra-high Purity. The entire system’s wetted path is made of either PTFE or PFA and can operate normally at temperatures of up to 200 °C. The entire path is compatible with virtually all high purity chemicals used in the semiconductor, MEMS, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.


No Particle Generation. Since there are no moving parts in the pumping system, there are no parts to wear and generate particles. There are no impellers, seals, diaphragms, or pistons that contribute—even under the best of circumstances—to particle contamination of the chemical stream.


Zero Cross-contamination. Every chemical chamber and channel is isolated from any other channel so there is never any contact between any two chemicals. The flow path is unique to a given chemical from its origin reservoir (drum, carboy, or bottle) to the destination (tank, hood, or process tool).


Clean Room Compatibility. All Aeris systems are engineered to work in a clean room environment. In fact, the lack of moving parts in its pumping engine make it inherently a low particle generator. All exhausts of the systems are confined and ducted for proper exhaust.

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