Program Control

Pumping Speed. Robust and consistent precision metering requires a system approach. The Aeris Precision system can be programed to “know” when it is getting closer to the requested volume and slow down the pumping speed and/or vary the metering valve frequency; all under program control, to achieve the best combination of accuracy and throughput.


Metering Valve Frequency. When very small volumes are requested—as in some spiking applications—the Aeris Precision system can vary the metering valve frequency to optimize the system’s accuracy. There is no more need to trade flow rate vs accuracy or precision.


Temperature Control. The Aeris Precision systems can be configured with built-in heat exchangers into the mixing tank (or tanks). After a chemical or chemical mix is metered, it can be heated to a programmable set-point and maintained there before or during final delivery. For continuous uninterrupted delivery of metered heated chemical mixes, the system can be configured with a two (or more) tank system, operating in tandem under program control to supply a constant flow of the precise mixture at the exact temperature.


Communications. The AerisSoft control software can communicate with any system on any protocol: RS-232, RS-485, CANopen, Ethernet, TCP/IP, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-1 VDC, 0-10 VDC, among others. GEMS/ SECS II is also available as an option for seamless integration of the chemical delivery system into factory automation packages.

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