MATECH WaveEtch Single-sided Wet Etching and Wafer Thinning

“A single-sided etching system without the hassle.”

MATECH's family of WaveEtch Single-sided Wet Etching and Thinning tools offer unprecedented ease and precision in wafer--or virtually any other substrate--wet etching processes. One of the main advantages of the WaveEtch tools is that they etch only one side of the wafer, without ever disturbing the other side. This avoids the use of any form of protection of the non-process side, thus saving cost, time, and eliminating process steps. Virtually any wet etching process can be performed, single-sided, with any of the WaveEtch systems.

WaveEtch 456G2 Single-sided Wet Etching System WaveEtch 456-G2

The flagship of the family is the WaveEtch 456-G2. This larger sibling is capable of the highest etching throughput of the family. It has a full-size, full-featured cassette-to-cassette wafer loader and unloader (EFEM).

WaveEtch 212me2

The WaveEtch 212me and the WaveEtch 212me2 are the "goldilocks" member of the family: not too big, not too small. They offer the full range of capabilities of any WaveEtch tool, but in a more compact, lower priced system. The 212 is a dry-in-dry-out, wafer cassette-to-cassette fully automated etching tool. It can be equipped with one or two mini-EFEMs for a range of throughputs and wafer (or other substrate) handling options. As any other member of the WaveEtch family, all accessories and options are cross-compatible throughout the line.

WaveEtch Signle-sided Wet Etching System WaveEtch 112-G

On the other end of the spectrum is the WaveEtch 112-G, the simplest, most streamlined etching system of the family. In spite of its much lower cost and size, it performs exactly the same etching processes and with the same quality as its larger siblings. The main difference is that the 112-G is a manual load and unload tool. Even then, it is a full-featured dry-in-dry-out wet processing tool.

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