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Aeris Positive Displacement Piston-less Engine Aeris Positive Displacement Piston-less Engine

The Aeris Precision Chemical Delivery and Metering System (CDMS) pump has no moving parts. It moves fluids using MATECH's patented positive displacement piston-less pumping (P3) technology. In many ways the operation of the Aeris Precision pump resembles the pumping of our own heart.

In 24 years of designing and manufacturing wet etching equipment we have experienced every mishap and maintenance issue possible. In almost every instance, the failure involved seals, bellows, impellers, motors, diaphragms, or other moving part of the pumping system.


Aeris technology does not use pistons, seals, impellers, diaphragms, or any other moving part in contact with the liquid being pumped. As a direct consequence, the uptime and reliability increase, and the cost of ownership is reduced.


Also, since there are no moving parts to wear, it makes the entire fluid path virtually particle-free, making it an ideal system for ultra-high purity applications.


Given the absence of impellers, pistons, diaphragms, or other fast moving components, the Aeris pump is gentle on the fluids being pumped. This is important in some pharmaceutical or biological applications. It is also relevant in the pumping of some some non-Newtonian fluids.


Finally, all wetted parts are either PTFE or PFA, including the chambers and, optionally, the tanks, so the whole pumping and metering system can operate at high temperatures (up to 200 °C [1]) and with virtually any chemical.


[1] Even though the hardware can operate at high temperatures, there may be other process or physical considerations that may require the chemicals to be held and operated at lower temperatures. 



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