MATECT Aeris: How does it work?

The Aeris system uses MATECH's patented positive displacement piston-less pumping (P3) technology. In many ways the operation of the Aeris Precision pump resembles the pumping mechanics of our own lungs. A basic Aeris pumping chamber consists of drive (1) and intake-delivery (2) valves, as well as sensors (3 and 4). The fluids are taken in (5) and delivered to/from (6) the chamber under program control.

Aeris Operation Schematic Fig. 1. Aeris Operation Schematic

Fluids are drawn by a low pressure pulse (shown in A and B above) into one of the Aeris pumping engine chambers. The flow and volume of the fluid is monitored by an array of proprietary sensors (3, 4) that provide the timing and coordination of the pumping action, and determine the volume per stroke.


In such manner the system always deliver a precise volume and "knows" when a chamber is being filled (shown in B above), when it is being emptied (D above), and when it is empty or full (A and C above, respectively).


Aeris chambers can be ordered as "fixed volume per stroke" or "adjustable volume per stoke." Chamber volumes are available in 100, 250, 500, and 1000 ml. Adjustable displacement chambers can deliver any portion of their maximum volume on every stroke, making them a very cost effective in simple metering or dosing applications.

Aeris Continuos Flow configuration Fig. 2. Aeris Continuos Flow configuration

When the chamber or chambers are to be emptied, the system generates a program controlled pressure pulse that gently (or briskly, as the user programs the systme to be) delivers the fluid to its destination (in standard accuracy mode) or to the metering cell (Fig. 3--in high accuracy mode). This cycle is repeated (A, B, C, D, and so on) as needed in such way that the desired metered amount is delivered. 

Aeris Precision Metering Cell Fig. 3. Aeris Precision Metering Cell

A continuous flow version of the Aeris pump is shown in Fig. 2. By configuring two chambers in tandem, the Aeris pump behaves as a conventional pump delivering a continuous flow at a rate determined by the user; every action of the Aeris pump is under program control. Any Aeris pump can be ordered as a stroked or continuous flow pump.


In conventional pumps this timing and coordination is provided by mechanical means which wear, shed particles and eventually fail. The Aeris pumping system is built for reliability, low maintenance, and long life.


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