Self Priming

The Aeris Precision system can prime from a height of over 25 ft without any assistance and it senses automatically when the fluid is ready to be pumped. It never misses any of the fluid, even during mixed gas-fluid flow; if it goes through the system, it is metered--no ifs and buts.


Conventional systems can have difficulty priming with dense or viscous fluids. Not the Aeris Precision. Even in these cases, the Aeris Precision system will prime unaided from several feet over the fluid source[1].


In contrast, conventional systems, depending on the type of pump they are equipped with, priming is often an issue requiring sensors, or priming-aids to insure consistent delivery from the chemical reservoir to its destination.

[1]This figure corresponds to a fluid with the density of water. Other fluids will scale this figure, up or down, according to their density. For example: a fluid twice as dense as water will prime from a height of 12.5 ft.

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