MATECH Aeris Precision Chemical Pumping and Metering Systems

  • Lower cost

  • 100X more accurate

  • No moving parts

  • Works with harshest of chemicals

Aeris Benchtop

Milliliter-level metering accuracy on your bench or inside your hood. Minimize manual chemical handling and operator risk with the most rugged and reliable delivery system available.


Aeris Bulk

Get the Aeris outstanding ml-level accuracy, high-volume chemical delivery, and reliability for all your bulk chemical metering and delivery.

Aeris Precision Brochure

Overview of the Aeris family of Chemical Delivery and Metering systems. From the Benchtop unit to our wide range of OEM solutions.


Aeris Precision AP-05K Specifications

General specifications of the Aeris Precision AP-05K Pump Engine.


The Aeris Precision Chemical Delivery and Metering systems offer a new level of chemical delivery and metering without compromises.


All Aeris systems have no-moving parts in their pumping paths and are accurate to <1 ml with a <10 ml minimum delivery, regardless of system size and throughput.


There is no need anymore to decide between accuracy and precision and flow rates. The Aeris systems offer the same performance when delivering 1 lpm or 100 lpm; when delivering from 55 gal drums or 1 pint bottles. The systems equally prepare, store, condition, and heat a 1 gal tank or a 55 gal tank. The secret is in our patented positive displacement piston-less technology and proprietary mass metering systems.


Some of the Aeris Systems features are:


In addition all Aeris systems are:


And most importantly, the Aeris systems:

“Finally, a precision chemical delivery system that virtually fulfills the process engineer’s wish list.”

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