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Sometimes a problem is sufficiently well defined and localized that may not warrant setting up a research effort or hire new staff to address it. Instead, consultants, experts in the area in question, are a more cost effective approach.


MATECH offers product development and consulting services from simple problems that require only hours of engagement, to longer, more structured research programs. We work with your team to identify the problem, understand it, and suggest solutions. We can help you from a simple tweak to your process to developing an entire new product or process; from simple chemistry or equipment issues, to a complete product design solution.


At MATECH we have 30 years of experience on product develpment, advanced materials, aerospace, aircrew life support, optics and semiconductor processing, as well as wet etching, surface chemistry and conditioning, and most semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing steps. We count among our customers some of the most prominent companies in the world, and some of the most prestigious universities and institutions in the U.S. and abroad. From Earth to Space, our products and technologies are there.


We have dozens of patents on our core technologies, such as those embodied in our WaveEtch™ family of wet etching tools (Linear Scan™ and Dynamic Confinement™), and Aeris™ Precision Chemical Delivery and Metering systems (Positive-displacement Piston-less Pumping or P3™) and RotoEtch™ Local Area Etching systems. We also count among our clients most of the U.S. Government research branches, as well as  NASA. MATECH was responsible for the fabrication equipment and technology behind the x-ray optical elements in five NASA missions and is currently involved in a variety of other programs. 


Materials and Technologies, Corp. (MATECH) was founded in 1992 by ex-Yorktown IBMer and MIT Ph.D. Ricardo I. Fuentes, whom, along with a team of engineers and staff researchers will help you shed light and solve your tough problems. Contact us to talk about how we may be able to help.


MATECH is a privately held corporation headquartered in Fishkill, NY.

Some of MATECH's clients Some of MATECH's clients
Chandra X-ray Space Telescope--one of the NASA missions to which MATECH contributed equipment and process expertise Chandra X-ray Space Telescope--one of the NASA missions to which MATECH contributed equipment and process expertise

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WaveEtch: The Greenest Wet Etcher WaveEtch: The Greenest Wet Etcher